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Fatigue strength: MS1 steel (Vxx/SMn)

This page presents the S-N curves and fatigue limit of MS1 steel samples that underwent shot-peening and machining that removed allowance of 0.5mm (in that order), obtained using the bending tests of rotating bars with AM layers normal to the axis of rotation.

Production and prost-processing conditions

Build orientation of longitudinal axis vertical
Position with respect to inert gas flow undefined
Post-processing shot-peening → machining allowance 0.5mm

Experimental S-N curve

Experimental method ISO1143, rotating bending test R=-1
Run-out criterion 107 cycles
AM layers normal to axis of rotation

Wöhler curve

Fatigue limit (MPa) 360
Number of cycles to failure N N=1,94⋅1030⋅S-9,09
Stress amplitude S (MPa) S=2146⋅N-0,11

Explanation of the terms are given at the page Fatigue strength description.

This page is a part of the section DMLS/SLM: Fatigue design rules.

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