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PBF of polymer parts

The PBF technologies of plastic products are based on polyamide PA12 powder and mixtures that have PA12 as its main component. PA12 is biocompatible material with high mechanical and thermal resistance. There are two PBF technologies for polymer parts, which differ by the method that is used for selection of the powder bed areas where the powder will be melted, and the source of heating energy, and these are:

  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology
  • Multi Jet Fusion (MJF ) technology

PBF technologies for polymer materials have following characteristics:

  • Mechanical properties of the polymer parts manufactured by PBF are better in comparison with other AM technologies for production of polymers.
  • The powder in the powder bin supports the products, so PBF technologies for polymers do not require support structures for manufacturing of products from polymer materials
  • Due to the intensive heating and the consequent thermal stresses, the products of are susceptible to warping, and large flat areas should be avoided
  • Products manufactured by PBF technologies for polymers have grainy surface structure, although the surfaces may be post-processed to satisfy high mechanical an aesthetic requests
  • The most frequently used post-processing procedures are machining, blasting, paying, metal deposition etc.

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