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Fatigue strength: MS1 steel (VUx/TMS)

This page presents the S-N curves and fatigue limit of MS1 steel samples produced in the part of the production chamber near the inlet of the inert gas flow, then post-processed by heat treatment, machining that removed allowance of 0.5mm and shot-peening (in that order). The fatigue data were obtained using the bending tests of rotating bar with AM layers normal to the axis of rotation.

Production and prost-processing conditions

Build orientation of longitudinal axis vertical
Position with respect to inert gas flow inlet
Post-processing heat treatment → machining allowance 0.5mm → shot-peening

Experimental S-N curve

Experimental method ISO1143, rotating bending test R=-1
Run-out criterion 107 cycles
AM layers normal to axis of rotation

Wöhler curve

Fatigue limit (MPa) 511
Number of cycles to failure N N=1,71⋅1036⋅S-10,87
Stress amplitude S (MPa) S=2155⋅N-0,092

Explanation of the terms are given at the page Fatigue strength description.

This page is a part of the section DMLS/SLM: Fatigue design rules.

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