A_MADAM project workshop for Italy, 16 November 2021, University of Bologna

The A_MADAM workshop for Italy was organized by UniBo, and it addressed researchers and students of University of Bologna. Since the Italian Ministry for education requires that students should have the ability to access all the education contents on-site and on-line, both methods were used. The on-site workshop was held on 16th of November 2021 in Forli, since it is the site of the experimental facilities of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering of University of Bologna, where the testing campaign of the A_MADAM project was performed. Due to the obligations prof. Giangiacomo Minak delivered his lecture on-site on 10th and 11th  of November 2021, but the lecture was recorded and provided to the students who participated in the workshop held on 16th of November 2021.
The audience of the workshop consisted of 46 students who attended the lecture on-site and 78 students who attended the workshop on-line. In addition, the audience of the lectures held on 10th and 11th of November 2021 consisted of 12 students who followed the lecture on-site and 8 students who followed the lecture on-line.

Prof. Giorgio Olmi delivering MT lecture from classroom

Prof. Giangiacomo Minak delivering MT lecture from office

The target group of the workshop were senior students, as the workshop presented the A_MADAM project results related to the design of AM components. Besides, the students were briefly introduced to the Horizon 2020 program, Marie Curie Sklodowska actions and RISE call through the recorded lecture of prof. Zlatan Šoškić from UniKV. The agenda of the workshop was:

  • Greeting and introduction by Prof. Dario Croccolo (UniBo)
  • Fatigue response of as-built DMLS maraging steel and effects of aging, machining, and peening treatments by Prof. Dario Croccolo (UniBo)
  • Fracture mechanics of additive manufactured crack-like notches by digital image correlation by Prof. Giangiacomo Minak (UniBo)
  • Presentation of the recorded lectures for participants of workshops in English
  • Fatigue of additively manufactured steels with particular regard to Maraging Stainless Steel CX by Prof. Giorgio Olmi (UniBo)