Welcome to the A_MADAM project website!

The A_MADAM project has mission to enhance application of an exciting new technology, the additive manufacturing (AM), in mechanical engineering. Our objective is to discover proper way to design mechanical components and structures to be able to withstand dynamic loads that arise in exploitation.

While the content of the work on the project is highly technical, this website intends to present the concept and results of the project to wide audience, so it contains sections with simple explanations. On the other hand, the project results are essentially to be used by mechanical and industrial designers, so the website also contains sections with technical contents that may be understood only by professionals.

No matter for what reason you visited this website, we wish you to enjoy its content and find it useful, and we encourage you to contact us with all your questions and propositions about our project.


  • 27-September-2019: Promotion of the ImPossible Design contest results during the Researchers’ Night in Belgrade
  • 16-September-2019: Promotion of the A_MADAM project, ImPossible Design contest results and H2020 program held in FabLab Valsamoggia
  • 06-September-2019: The M2D 2019 conference held in Bologna
  • 02-September-2019: The annual meeting of the A_MADAM project team held in Bologna
  • 20-June-2019: The results of the “ImPossible Design” contest published
  • 15-June-2019: The jury voting for the “ImPossible Design” contest completed
  • 1-June-2019: The public voting for the  “ImPossible Design” contest closed
  • 15-May-2019: The application for the “ImPossible Design” contest completed
  • 21-Mar-2019: Info day in Belgrade