A_MADAM project workshop for Croatia, 15 November 2021, Zagreb /Croatia/

The A_MADAM workshop for the territory of Croatia was held on 15 of November 2021 in Zagreb. The workshop was organized by TOP with participation of two ER researchers from UniKV. The language of the workshop was Croatian, but the similarity of the languages with Serbian enabled also a lecture delivered in national language by prof. Snežana Ćirić Kostić and prof. Zlatan Šoškić.

The venue was the conference hall of the Topomatika in Zagreb. The number of participants was limited by requests of COVID-19 protocols, as the number of persons in the hall was limited to 15. The audience consisted exclusively of mechanical and industrial designers.

The workshop described the design rules for additive manufacturing, the measurement technologies used during the A_MADAM project, and presentation of the Horizon 2020 program, MSCA actions and RISE call.

Participants of the workshop

Lecturers of the workshop on pause

The agenda of the workshop was:

  • Greeting and introduction by Tomislav Hercigonja(TOP)
  • EU programs Horizon 2020, MSCA and RISE by prof. Zlatan Šoškić (UniKv)
  • Additive Manufacturing of High-Performance Components and A_MADAM project by dr Snežana Ćirić Kostić (UniKv)
  • Optical measurements and shape digitalization by Josip Kos (TOP)
  • Additive Manufacturing Costs by prof. Zlatan Šoškić (FMCE – Kraljevo)
  • Demonstration of the optical measurement methodologies by dr Nenad Drvar (TOP)